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Finally revealed, The 10 Ultimate Must Visit Places in Kuta Bali!

Kuta will always be the most adorable tourist destination. Place on the southern side of Bali, Kuta is surely tempting you with its adorable beach of Hindia Ocean and the exciting parties all night long.

We can say there is so much interesting places to visit in Kuta. From its nature to its modern entertainment center, there's no one can resist the temptations. But, it sounds impossible to visit all of them in one trip. Isn't it?

These are the ultimate must visit places in Kuta Bali. This list contains 10 super fun places that you will regret if you pass it. You can skip another place, but this list. Are you ready? Here you go!

1. Kuta Beach

Number one is absolutely Kuta Beach! This is the most popular beach in Bali, even we can say in Indonesia. This beach is calling all people around the world to come, to enjoy its browny sexy sand that stretches 5 km long, with energetic waves and a long horizon that promise you a stunning sunset every day. The waves in here suit all surfers. Even beginners can enjoy riding the waves and expanding the skill by the short surf class from local surf schools that spreads near the beach. There are many activities you can do here. Walking around the coastline, building sand palaces, enjoying a massage from local masseuses, getting tattooed or hair braided, sunbathing, conquer the wave with surf or boogie board, even tasting a lot of street food.

2. Ground Zero Memorial

There is no excuse to only passing by The Ground Zero. You have to visit this memorial monument to commemorate the bombing incident on 2002. You can pray for the victim, the safety of Kuta-Bali and the world here. Ground Zero is situated on the sites of destroyed Paddy's Pub, just across the former site of Sari Club, on the border of Legian and Kuta district. The monument stands as a carved sandstone with a placard listing 202 victim's name of the tragedy and their nationality. Every October 12, there's a memorial ceremony held by the Indonesian and Australian government.

3. Hard Rock Cafe

Never leave Kuta without entering this most popular club and cafe in town. Kuta may have a lot of cafes and nightclubs that rapidly growing each year. But still, Hard Rock Cafe is the one that you can't miss. This café, which stands just across the Kuta Beach, will rock your night with its thematic cafe and restaurant. You can enjoy the music, even the memorabilia of the entertainment industry that decorated all over the cafe, while accompanied with the best drink and western food. Don't forget to shop on its souvenir shop! Next time you plan to visit Bali, kindly check the cafe's official website to verify who's gonna play a gig on your arrival.

4. Waterbom Bali

The largest waterpark in Bali is hosted on Jalan Kartika Plaza Kuta. This pioneering waterpark still stays on the top list to visit. This waterpark offers a tropical pool with various slides and attractions that challenging yet addicting. Push yourself to the max, sliding on Smashdown 2.0 from the heights of 21 meters above the ground. Pump your adrenalin by sliding straight and back up again on Boomerang. Feel the sensation of sliding vertically and then looping around inside the Climax. You can slide and race with your friend on The Twin Racers, or twist and shout while sliding on Double Twist. Just try all the slides and attractions available and whenever you get yourself tired, just tubing around on the Lazy River. Getting hungry? Just explore the food area inside this waterpark and savor all your appetites!

5. Discovery Shopping Mall

Located just across the Waterbom Bali, Discovery Shopping Mall is here to give you one-stop entertainment. From the outside, this building looks like a roman palace with the white marble facade and tall windows. The place houses some famous dining outlets and popular fashion tenants. We may consider Discovery Shopping Mall as one of the pioneering modern shopping center in Bali. Walking to the backside, you can directly connect to Pantai Segara/Segara Beach. There's a bunch of beach club that offers beachside dining and party sensation that you won't miss.

6. Dream Museum Zone (DMZ)

DMZ becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali when 3D Art is going world trend nowadays. The museum that located on Jalan Nakula 33X - Legian has hundred collections of giant wall painting that made on 3D effects by Korean Artists. People came here to fill their camera memory with unique photos. You can capture yourself being chased by a great white shark, sitting on the lotus pond in front of a great ancient temple, even paddling the boat romantically on Venice. There's another 3D art museum you can visit inside Kuta. It is Trick Art 3D Gallery at Jalan Sunset Road 789, Seminyak. It's only takes 6 minutes drive from DMZ. Don't forget to bring your tripod here to catch the perfect trendy photos!

7. Made's Warung

From the beginning, Made's Warung is one of the pioneering and most popular restaurants in Kuta. Lands on Jalan Pantai Kuta, Made's Warung evolve from a traditional roadside stall into the fancy restaurant that suits for sociable eat and meet. Savor the Balinese food with other selection of Indonesia, Western, and Japanese cuisine here. Make sure you order the legendary Betutu Chicken of Made's Warung. For pork eater tourist, kindly pamper yourself by enjoying the pork ribs with green papaya. Made's Warung can also be the great place to hangout with friends, and enjoying the drink, without getting hangover!

8. Poppies Lane

There are 2 Poppies Lane in Kuta. Poppies Lane is one of the legendary streets, especially for foreign tourists and backpackers. There's a lot of alley that houses assorted souvenir and clothing shops, cheap spa and massage services, convenience stores, eateries, bars and pubs, also budget accommodations. Lines along Jalan Pantai Kuta to Jalan Legian, Poppies Lane 1's entrance is located beside Kutabex Mall in Jalan Pantai Kuta while the Poppies Lane 2's entrance starts straight before the Beachwalk Mall. The Poppies 1 is quieter with smaller street. Beside's, Poppies 2 is more vibrant and rousing with more pubs and bars. Poppies Lane is also crowded with tourist who wants to get tattooed by expert local artists.

9. Beachwalk Mall

Beachwalk is not an ordinary shopping center. This modern mall has a unique architectural design that meets green and open space. Beachwalk Mall brings people to enjoy shopping while surrounding with lush garden, water, and sea breeze. This is the home for 200 retail outlets, including high brand tenants, such as ZARA, Lego, Starbucks, and Victoria's Secret. This eco-friendly mall is also a home for famous dining outlets, gourmet supermarket, and entertainment center, such as big movie theater. There's even Museum Kain/Cloth Museum, which exhibits over 600 antique clothes all over Indonesia. Still not surprised yet? Not to mention, this beachfront shopping mall is planned to operate 24 hours per day making the first after 10 pm shops and dines district in Bali.

10. Kuta Square

For shopping spree, Kuta Square is the only area that gives you everything. The most popular shopping arcade that located only 50 meters from Kuta Beach is covered by rows of fashion stores and eateries. On this two-way avenue, you can find high surf and skate brands like Volcom Stone, Billabong, Rip Curl, Quicksilver, and Kuta Lines fashioned the stores’ window. Kuta Square also flanked with jewelry store. At the eastern side, there is Matahari Shopping Mall as the largest building there. On the same side, there's a bunch of dining outlet, including the franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken dan Mc Donald's. If you willing to enjoy the traditional side of Kuta, just walk ahead north for about 200 meters to find Kuta Art Market. This markets will greets you with various local souvenirs, craft, and fashion items.

There you go the 10 ultimate must visit places in Kuta Bali. For now on, you may save your time to visit these ultimate spots first while spending holiday in Bali. After that, maintain your energy by choosing the best hotel in Kuta Bali to assure you a convenience rest. Consider what you need and what you like before booking a hotel in Kuta Bali.

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